Receive an extra $1,000 Cash Bonus*

For the first 10 qualified accounts you refer
CPA Commissions up to $1,500*
Become a Master Affiliate, introduce new partners to us and receive extra income

*Terms and Conditions apply.

All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

CPA Commissions up to $1,500

Join PPM Prime Affiliates and start earning
Trusted & High converting Brand
Marketing tools, Tracking Software & User-friendly Affiliates Portal

*Terms and Conditions apply.

All trading involves risk. It is possible to lose all your capital.

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Are your website visitors interested in online trading? Join our affiliate program by creating an account within minutes and start earning a commission!


Gain full access to our advanced affiliate portal, benefit from a range of marketing tools specially designed to generate traffic, and boost your conversion rate!


PPM Prime Affiliates provides you the tools you need to succeed. Start earning money on clients you refer to IronFX. Profit via supreme commission schemes!

PPM Prime IB Benefits

Join the PPM Prime Affiliates Program and enjoy the benefits of a successful, efficient and lucrative partnership.

  • Best exposure. Get the best conversion rates and benefit from the globally recognized PPM Prime brand.
  • Bespoke. In-house, tailored technologies are formulated for PPM Prime Affiliates, including a world-class tracking system through which you can easily track and monitor all referral signups, hits, and traffic.
  • Effective. A library of multiple marketing resources. You can enjoy easy, hassle-free access to world-class, globally recognized branding, including a wealth of banners and widgets.

A fusion of affiliate marketing tools & payment plans to boost your profits!

Get the marketing resources you need to promote PPM Prime successfully. The PPM Prime Affiliates Program is one of the most profitable financial affiliate programs worldwide and always empowers you with the best tools to meet your targets!

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